New Policies: What You Need to Know’s discontinuation of prepayment policies for Europe may lead to more cancellations, cash flow disruptions, and rate parity concerns. Hoteliers and vacation rental owners need to adapt by investing in direct booking strategies, improving operational processes, and strengthening customer relationships.

June 17, 2024 has significantly changed its prepayment policies, impacting how hotels and vacation rentals manage their bookings and revenue.

Here’s a breakdown of the implications:

Revenue Management Challenges

Without prepayment policies, properties might see more cancellations and less predictable bookings. Prepayments help secure reservations, making managing revenue and forecasting cash flow easier. Now, planning becomes trickier without this safety net. Cash Flow Issues

Prepaid rates are used to provide a steady flow of funds in advance. Without them, hotels and vacation rentals may face cash flow disruptions, making it harder to cover operating expenses smoothly. Increased Dependency on OTAs

This change could increase reliance on, as the platform now controls more of the payment process. Properties may have less control over their revenue and customer interactions.

Rate Parity Concerns

There’s a risk that might start undercutting hotel and vacation rental rates, leading to fierce price competition. This could make it harder to maintain rate integrity and profit margins.

Shift to Direct Bookings

Investing in direct booking strategies becomes crucial. Enhancing your website and using technology effectively can help you regain control over pricing and customer relationships, reducing dependency on OTAs.

Operational Adjustments

Hotels and vacation rental owners will need to adjust their operations to handle more cancellations and manage virtual credit card (VCC) payments, which can be more costly to process.

How This Can Impact Your Business


For hoteliers, the removal of prepayment options means rethinking revenue management strategies. You’ll face higher operational costs with VCCs and cancellations, and you’ll need to focus more on direct booking channels and technology investments.

Vacation Rental Owners

Vacation rental owners face similar challenges. The lack of prepayment options disrupts cash flow and makes it harder to secure bookings. Like hotels, vacation rental owners must lean more on direct booking strategies and adjust their operations to handle these new challenges.

What You Can Do

Both hoteliers and vacation rental owners should consider:

Investing in Direct Bookings: Improve your website, use effective marketing strategies, and invest in technology to encourage direct bookings.

Adapting Operations: Develop new processes to manage cancellations and VCC payments efficiently.

Focusing on Customer Relationships: Strengthen your relationship with guests to build loyalty and reduce reliance on OTAs.

By taking these steps, you can better navigate the changes and maintain a healthy, profitable business despite’s new prepayment policies.


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