Responsible Travel: A Closer Look at 'The Last Tourist'

Discover the compelling documentary, "The Last Tourist", as it explores the damaging impacts of tourism, urging a shift towards more responsible travel.

October 26, 2023

The documentary "The Last Tourist" addresses the difficulties the tourist sector is currently facing.

Photo credit: The Last Tourist

Exploring the Dark Side of Tourism with "The Last Tourist"

Unveiling the Reality of Overtourism and Exploitation

Leading tourism and conservation authorities provide the film's viewers with guidance as they travel to more than 16 different nations. The film discusses the damaging effects of overtourism, excessive consumption, and the abuse of weak communities. Additionally, it draws attention to the mistreatment of animals employed as wildlife attractions, including tigers, elephants, and dolphins, as well as the alarming trend of orphanage volunteering.

African Elephants Swimming Across the Chobe River, Botswana tourists looking on.

"The Last Tourist": A Call for Responsible Tourism

Despite the harsh realities portrayed in the film, "The Last Tourist" promotes responsible tourism to help lift local people out of poverty and promote conservation. The movie exhorts visitors to have a good impact on their travels by conducting research, asking the proper questions, and being thoughtful and respectful.

Dr. Jane Goodall in the new film “The Last Tourist.”
Dr. Jane Goodall in the new film “The Last Tourist.”Courtesy image
Mass tourism has lead to destruction. Destruction of the very things the tourists have come to see - Jane Goodall

A Sustainable Future by Embracing Ethical Travel

If we don't change the way we travel, the damage we cause will be permanent. The documentary also shows how traveling may unite people and serve as a positive force. However, in order to help the local environment, society, and economy, one must learn to travel ethically.

Rated the number two documentary on Apple TV in Canada when it launched. The Last Tourist is now available on Amazon and Apple TV, Sky, Vubiquity, Google, Microsoft and Rakuten. It is also currently playing on Delta Airlines and Emirates Airlines.

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