Smart Pineapple Shines at WTM Africa 2024

Just got back from an unforgettable week at WTM Africa 2024 in Cape Town! It was buzzing as Smart Pineapple made its big debut with some game-changing AI tools. We are teaming up with Swartland Tourism for a cool project, chatted up potential partners like Weeva Earth and Nightsbridge. Can't wait to share more as we keep pushing the boundaries in travel tech! Stay tuned!

April 19, 2024

Smart Pineapple Shines at WTM Africa 2024

Just back from Cape Town, where the city was not merely a scenic backdrop but the pulsating heart of the global travel industry, hosting the monumental 10th anniversary of WTM Africa 2024. The event buzzed with energy, drawing destinations, travel agents, tour operators, and hospitality leaders from around the globe.

Debuting Smart Pineapple 

photo collage of WTM Africa

In the whirl of activities, Smart Pineapple made its grand entrance alongside FEDHASA. Our booth was a hive of activity, demonstrating our cutting-edge AI tools designed to revolutionize data processing in tourism and hospitality. Conversations flowed—from government officials to eager tour operators—all curious about navigating the complexities of the travel world through advanced technology. The highlight? Witnessing the awe as attendees experienced firsthand the speed and accuracy with which Smart Pineapple delivers tailored, localized content. It was a powerful affirmation of AI's critical role in simplifying complex processes and enhancing user experiences. 

WTM Africa 2024 unfurled an array of themes ranging from responsible tourism to the frontier technology of AI in travel, aligning closely with Smart Pineapple's mission to drive innovation.

Pioneering with Swartland Tourism

Swartland Tourism, Western Cape

Exciting news from the field: Smart Pineapple and Swartland Tourism are embarking on a groundbreaking case study. We're bringing our technology to the heart of the Western Cape, where Swartland's vibrant tapestry of wheat fields, vineyards, and olive groves offers a picturesque canvas for our innovation. This collaboration aims to enhance the visitor experience across the five quaint towns that make up the region, showcasing the tangible benefits of our technology for strengthening local tourism.


We met so many great people and organizations while we were at the show:

  • Weeva Earth: Discussed potential collaborations on sustainable hospitality and tourism. Explore their platform at Weeva Earth.
  • Tarryn at Nightsbridge: Delighted to discuss partnership opportunities with Nightsbridge, a leading all-in-one property management solution. 
  • Namibia Tourism Board: Enthusiastic to explore opportunities that bring value to Namibia's tourism and hospitality sectors.

Smart Pineapple Giveaway Winners

Congrats to Suzanne from the Kenya Tourism Board (left) and Lizelle from Swartland Tourism (right)

And a bit shout of gratitude to Pam Mudley on our team, who did a fabulous job organizing EVERYTHING for the show.

Signing Off

The connections forged, and insights gained resonate deeply as the dust settles on this dynamic event. 

Stay connected with us as we continue to innovate and expand our horizons in the travel industry.

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