Our "why"...

We're giving you, the small and medium-sized gems in the hospitality world—the ones that really make destinations captivating—the tech and support you’ve been missing. 

We're driven by our own experiences of being overlooked to break down the barriers in a market dominated by giants. We're dedicated to giving you the tools to compete, thrive, and enrich your communities. 

Our goal? 

We're knitting together a worldwide network committed to making travel experiences better, boosting the local economy, and aiming towards sustainable tourism. In short: we help you have more time, more bookings, and more support.

My life motto...
You Gotta Give a Sh*t.
Kay Walten

In 1996, a business plan on a cocktail napkin in a Mexican beach bar led me to create one of the first online travel and reservation services, in Mexico, revolutionizing the industry.

Success: The Impact on Lives Touched

Founder and teacher to an acclaimed influencer and contributor.

Thousands of happy guests, a thriving online forum with over 100,000 members, and the spotlight on the unsung heroes and unique charms.

Connecting travelers, weaving a community, celebrating culture, championing local businesses, and making a lasting legacy.

Sold the company and have the T-shirt to prove it.

In 2019 gained a masters degree in Travel and Tourism from Temple University. Along with a bunch of other certifications, I am adjunct prof, and consultant.

One day...or Day 1?

Start getting hours back in your schedule with our tools today.